As we’ve covered before, Local Law 11 is one of the critical inspections and filing procedures for buildings that are large than six (6) stories within the confines of New York City. We’re now in Cycle 8 (info on that here). But if your building never filed for Cycle 7, and was required to, that would usually lead to harsh fines and penalties from the City. An Amnesty Program was just announced that should ease the burden and help the city stay safe at the same time.

The important takeaway from the new Amnesty Program is that it will allow owners who have not yet filed for a Cycle 7 report by the previous deadline of February 20, 2015 to now file their reports by June 30, 2015 as a combined Cycle 7 and 8 report. Regardless of the Subcycle period that your building may be in for Cycle 8, you can take advantage of this Amnesty program only if you file the new, combined report, by the new deadline of June 30, 2015. No filing fee will be required for the administrative closure of Cycle 7 and any and all penalties, late fees, or ECB fines that accrued previously must be made prior to or at the time of filing.

If your building is one of those that has yet to file the Cycle 7 report, take advantage of this Amnesty program to bring your building up to code while protecting those who live in, work near and walk by your building.