The New York Foundation for Senior Citizens has a program that is dedicated to making minor home repairs easier for senior citizens within the confines of New York City.

Through the program, New York City’s senior citizens who own their apartments and houses can obtain assistance by calling upon these specially trained volunteers for the Foundation in order to make those repairs.

Can there be downsides to this program, though, if we’re looking at it from a cooperative or condominium building standpoint? Definitely, as the staff members that they are sending are not able to provide certificates of insurance for the work that they will perform, which will most likely lead to a violation of that particular building’s insurance provisions within their respective alteration policies.

For homeowners of private homes who are willing and able to overlook the insurance risk of having a non-insured vendor in the property, this could be a great benefit as they’ll be able to help to assist with minor plumbing, masonry, seasonal repairs (weather stripping, winter and summerization) and gutter-cleaning.