As per the yearly requirement in New York City, properties that are greater than three (3) units need to file their annual property registration with HPD. As of today, the filings for 2016 – 2017 are available to update on the HPD website.

Updating your property on the HPD web interface is simple; filling in all of the relevant information for the property (owner name, responsible parties, management company, superintendent, recycling coordinator, etc.). Once the fields are completed, the form should be printed out, signed by the owner and the agent, then sent into HPD for filing. The $13 fee, which used to be accompany the forms, are now included with the Department of Finance, so there is no need to send it in now.

These forms are required to be filed no later than August 31, 2016. If your property should not file in time, that is considered to be violation of the rules and regulations of the City of New York and your property can be subject to fines and limited administrative capability within the confines of the City.