Local Law 47 of 2015 was put into place in October 2015 for one specific purpose; to ensure that building owners and landlords were advising their tenants of any upcoming outages of hot water, electricity, gas or heat that will have a duration of more than two hours.

The law calls for a notice to be placed up within a visible common area of the dwelling (mailbox, elevator, entry, etc.) at least 24 hours prior to the outage. If this work is emergency in nature, then notice does not need to be given in advance, but needs to be given as soon as possible so that all units will be aware of the downtime (should it last more than two hours.)

The notice should state the type of service that will be interrupted, the type of work that is being performed, the start and end dates of the work and should be posted in both English and Spanish languages.

Read the full law here.