With Memorial Day just passing, now is the right time to talk about BBQ safety in NYC. Everyone should be aware of the propane restrictions in NYC and by doing so, we can keep the risk of fire and explosions to a minimum in the city’s 5 boroughs.

If you live in an apartment building that is greater than 3 units, you’re not permitted to have propane on site and/or cook with it. Propane is not permitted on the balcony, roof or terraces within 10-feet of any building.

Some options are electric grills or installing a fixed gas line to your BBQ, but this would entail possible filings and dealing with plumbers / architects. If you do have a terrace that has tile, cement or bricks (and as long as they are 10-feet away from building, you may have some options).

If you are grilling legally in New York City, you should always take the proper precautions to ensure that any risk is limited. These include ensuring that a fully-charged water hose is within arms-reach, a bucket of water is available or a bucket of sand is available. You should also avoid wearing long garments that could catch the fire when you are leaning over the grill.

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