Beginning on May 15th and lasting until June 25th, the NYC Department of Buildings will be inspecting decks and retaining walls for free, for property owners who request this service. During the assessment, inspectors will check both decks and retaining walls, if applicable, for potentially dangerous conditions, such as cracking, rotting, bulging, leaning and other warning signs that they note can lead to potential structural failure.

It’s important to note that if repairs are needed and noted as per this inspection, the Department will hold off on issuing violations to allow homeowners to make the corrective repairs necessary. These are only in non-emergency situations and it can be assumed that if there are any structural issues that require immediate attention and repair, the DOB will step up and issue violations for the work to commence immediately.

By law, homeowners are required to keep all of their structures safe at all times, so this is one way that the City can step in and offer a hand in ensuring that all property owners are inspecting their properties for safety compliance. Since 2005 this program has been in place and up to present, they have inspected approximately 500 structures.

If you’d like to initiate an inspection on your property, you’ll have to call 311 to ask for an inspection through the program.