We're a boutique Florida property management firm overseeing the operations of over 100 cooperative, condominium, & rental buildings.

Built For Today's Generation of Board Members & Owners

Condominium Association Management

EBMG can excel in the management of Condominium Associations, both low-rise and hi-rise pursuant to Chapter 718 of the Florida Statutes. EBMG will work with the Board of Directors and the Condominium Owners to properly manage their Condominium Associations property and all required filings. Project management, landscape oversight, employee oversight and vendor sourcing are all top priorities of our firm.

Cooperative Management

EBMG can meet all needs in the management of Cooperatives, pursuant to Chapter 719 of the Florida Statutes. Working in concert with the Cooperative’s attorney, accountant and Board of Directors, EBMG will be a working partner for the proper management of the Cooperative. Shareholders will have direct access to the property management company 24/7 for any and all questions and will also have access to the documents and information requested, as prescribed by Florida law.

HOA Management

EBMG can meet all needs in the management of Homeowners Associations, pursuant to Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes. EBMG can proactively and transparently handle all HOA owner issues, project management, bookkeeping, vendor services and more. Utilizing our in-house technology and software services, management of the HOA is real-time and communication is 24/7.

Single Family Home / Investor Management

EBMG can handle all aspects of managing single-family homes and investor units. Whether a home is being rented out or it is left vacant, we can interface with all parties as required and find tenants when they are needed to bring income into the property. EBMG will be on call for all emergencies and handle all repairs as needed on behalf of the Owner.

About EBMG

With NYC roots, EBMG brings 23 years of property management experience to Florida. Our Boutique team understands that service is speed & that the properties we manage needs careful attention to maximizing efficiency which is why we assign a company principal to each building, making sure each building get's personalised care with a direct line to our company leadership.


We’re utilizing technology to keep all of our clients informed and in the loop with regards to their records and reports. A completely transparent workflow, your information is always available.


With four offices in the NYC area and almost 100 buildings under our management, a property manager is never more than 30 minutes away in the case of an emergency.


Our firm is available 24/7 in the case of emergencies or for routine requests. After-hours, a live operator is always on-hand to deliver the message to the appropriate party.


Every account within our firm has a dedicated property manager that will directly interface with the Board and the residents. Contact information for the manager will be available to all.

Long Island Office

369 Willis Avenue Mineola, NY 11501

P: 516-333-7730
F: 516-333-6182

Manhattan Office

79 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10016

P: 212-335-2723

Brooklyn Office

501 Surf Avenue Management Office Brooklyn, NY 11224

P: 718-266-1110
F: 718-996-3674

Florida Office

P: 561-774-8160

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