Built For Today’s Generation Of Board Members & Owners.

EBMG is a forward-thinking, proactive management company overseeing Cooperative, Condominium and rental buildings in each of the five boroughs of New York City and Long Island. Since our inception, we’ve been leading the charge in managing our properties efficiently, with an attention to detail and with over-the-top customer service.

EBMG will work for the Board of Directors to ensure all objectives are met, preventative maintenance is scheduled, oversight of employees and any shareholder issues are tended to quickly. Our transfers department oversees all transfers, sublease applications and refinance applications pursuant to the conditions set forth by the Board of Directors.

EBMG ensures that the Condo is operating correctly within the budgetary and operational framework provided by the Board of Managers. EBMG will ensure that all city, state and federal rules and laws are complied with and that all Unit Owners are responded to on all emergency and non-emergency issues.

EBMG will facilitate renting out all vacant apartments and work with the owner to maximize rents while minimizing expenses, ensuring that all avenues of reimbursement and increases in rent are explored and instituted.

EBMG utilizes its vast portfolio to negotiate down pricing of all building-related expenses including supplies, energy procurement, insurance and consultants for various areas of the building.

Innovative. Dedicated. Proactive.

We’re upping the ante for our field and changing the game; managing in a completely transparent and information focused way. Our clients are never in the dark and receive on-demand service and attention.


Instant access to your building documents whenever & wherever!  We provide you with easy access to all of your building’s records 24/7.


We give you total transparency and control over your building by providing you with access to the MDS management platform.

Service & Support

For increased accountability, we provide your residents with an online customer service portal to submit trackable service and repair requests 24/7/365.

Modern Communication

The days of email clutter and telephone tag are long gone. With cutting edge technology, residents and board members can communicate with our entire team in real time through open communication channels to streamline direct or group conversations. We’ll communicate with you across any device.


EBMG oversees all aspects of the management of cooperatives, condominums and rental buildings, including but not limited to: oversight of initiatives and decisions, issues,  complaints, routine, periodic and emergency maintenance oversight, employee oversight and training, payroll, payables, receivables, compliance with all federal, state, city laws

Project Management

We utilize industry-specific software to maintain complete control of your building’s financial health. With the touch of a button, we have the ability to craft a customized report for you, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Sales & Leasing

Our in-house closing department can take care of all of your needs as it pertains to sales, transfers and subleasing. From receiving the applications for Board approval to acting as the closing agent, our professionals craft a smooth process for all involved.


Dedicated Management Team

Each account has at least five members of EBMG dedicated to the daily oversight of the building. In addition, a principal of EBMG will always be involved and available at all times to ensure proper operations.

Comprehensive Pricing Tools

We leverage our entire portfolio for savings that hit all of our clients, wherever possible. From utilities to general maintenance supplies, we are constantly bidding and re- bidding for maximum savings.

Insurance Oversight

We proactively review your insurance policies on an ongoing, annual basis to ensure that proper coverages and premiums are included.