Staff Directory

E-mail is usually the quickest and most convenient form of communication. In order to reach any of our staff members, please click on the appropriate name below to send them an e-mail.

If you would prefer to speak to a staff member, please call the number next to the name of the person you wish to speak to.


Joel Leder
Mark B. Levine, R.A.M., C.A.M. 212-335-2723 x.201 (All New Management Inquiries)
Steven Levine, R.A.M 516-333-7730 x.202
Michael Pinchasick 516-714-4933
Steven Pinchasick 516-714-4938
Joshua Siegel 516-333-7730 x.222


Tom Spatarella 516-333-7730 x.203

Assistant Controller:

Carlos Nino 516-714-4936

Property Managers:

Gene Gaffney 516-333-7730 x.223
Erika Johnson 516-333-7730 x.227
Joseph Marrone 917-548-8235
Kathy Mazzo 516-333-7730 x.213
Tom Randazzo, R.A.M. 718-266-1110 x.1
James Solivan 516-333-7730 x.401

Office Manager

Janet Malamutt 516-333-7730 x.208

Transfer Department:

Jill Bader 516-333-7730 x.210

Back Office:

Pattie Accurso 914-779-1400
Kathy Harden 516-333-7730 x.214
Kathy Hilmar 914-779-1400
RiaDawn Horsham 516-333-7730 x.200
Antonietta Morse 516-333-7730 x.215
Serena Ogaldez 516-333-7730 x.204
Crystal Sexton 516-333-7730 x.212
Vaishali Shah 516-333-7730 x.211
Gloria Taras 718-266-1110 x.3