We’re managing Cooperative and Condominium buildings throughout the New York City Metropolitan area; with clients in each borough and Long Island.


9 East 97th Street Owners Corp.

7 East 3 Street, HDFC

Trikam Realty Co.

411 East 9th Street

418 1/2 East 9th Street Owners Corp.

512 East 82nd Street Owners Corp.

514 – 516 East 82nd Corporation

Washington West 11th Street Owners

325 W. 21 St. Inc.

205 E. 10th St. Owners, Inc.

West 13th Street Owners, Inc.

REC Realty

255 West 95th St. Apt. Corp.

343 East 92nd Street Tenants Corp.

303 East 37th Owners Corp.

Garfield Building Condominium

174 – 176 1st Avenue

175 East Broadway

2 W. 90th St. Housing Corp.

160 E. 27th Owners Corp.

200 W. 108th Housing Corp.

127 East 60th Street

371 Ft. Washington Owners Corp.

308 East 49th Street

45 – 47 Crosby Street Tenants

West 52nd Street Apt. Corp.

7 East 9th Street Apartment Corp.

1513 Lexington Avenue HDFC

29 2nd Avenue

102 Avenue B HDFC

426 – 428 West 46th St. Owners, Inc. (May 2017)


Emily Towers Owners Corp.

1430 Seagirt Boulevard Corp.

Forest Park Cooperative Section 3

Burns Street Owners Corp.

34-43 60th Street Owners Corp.

Crestwood Apartments Owners Corp.

Queens Center Plaza Condominium

1 Vernon Jackson Condominium

Plaza 21 Condominium

37 – 20 87th Street Realty Corp.

Monticello 87 Inc.

Sanford Plaza Apartment Corp.

Ketcham St. Tenants Corp.

156-03 Northern Blvd.

Thornton Place Owners, Inc.


Park Vanderbilt Cooperative Apartments, Inc.

St. John’s on the Plaza

44 Prospect Park West of Brooklyn

75 Prospect Park West Owners Corp.

400 East 17th Street Corp.

415 Ocean Owners Corp.

175 Eastern Parkway Tenants Corp.

Brightwater Towers Associates

202 – 212 Seeley Street Owners Corp.

25 Carroll Street Condominium

75 Prospect Park Southwest Tenants Corp.

95 Lexington Avenue Condominium

Jackson Foundry Condominium

Francine Towers (February 2017)

426 – 430 Sterling Housing Corp.

370 Montgomery Street

Lenox Arms Cooperative Inc. (May 2017)

Bronx (Riverdale)

Cambridge Mews Condominium

Staten Island

Fort Place Cooperative

Grymes Hill Cooperative

Long Island

280 Guy Lombardo Ave. Owners, Inc.

Tiffany at Westbury Condominium

Harrison House Condominium

County Seat Condominium

222 Smith Street Owners, Inc.

Smith St. Gardens, Inc.

Village Lofts, LLC